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t0xiic_desiigns [entries|friends|calendar]

Welcome to t0xiic_desiigns! Yes, we were opened before, but then no one was commenting and crediting. So we went on a long break for the summer, and i (rachie0251) moved to greatestjournal. The reason i`m reopening this is bc some mods and maintainers still have time to post and i missed posting here. We now know how to so so much more with graphics. So join in the userinfo and promote us!

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[03 Nov 2004|05:21pm]

ok, considering the fact that everyone thinks t0xiic_desiigns is gone forever, its not! were back and alot of you dont seem to know that. so right now to attract more members, whore us please :) meaning spread the word that were back and stuff. i will be taking requests for anything but layouts (we dont do them here) for ANYONE. comment here saying what you want, the pic, and what you want done with it :) xo-rachel

[08 Oct 2004|02:04pm]

3 t0xiic!

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